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Private Road Naming
  1. General
    1. The Addressing Authority shall determine when roads must be named which shall be dependent on:
      1. The number of parcels that the road serves (at least two parcels).
      2. The length of the shared access.
    2. Driveways shall not be assigned road names.
    3. Road names shall not duplicate or sound similar or phonetically the same as any other road in the county (EG High Bridge vs High Ridge).                      From Ordinance 2019-03
Learn more about how we determine private roads and assign addresses
in the Ferry County Road Naming & Addressing Ordinance 2019-03

How to change a road name
From the Ferry County Road Naming & Addressing Ordinance 2019-03 Section 3, part 3-C: c.   “Landowners along an existing named private road (a private road that is not an extension of a county road) can petition to change the road name. It shall require 80% of the landowners that said road serves to agree upon the new road name. The new road name must meet all of the requirements outlined in this document.” 
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