Revaluation Areas


Beginning in 2013, Ferry County began the Annual Revaluation system. State law mandated that we do this by 2014.

We mail out 'Change of Value' notices to all Ferry County property owners by the end of May each year. Property owners will have the usual 30 days or until July 1st, whichever is later, to contact our office in regards to their new values and/or to appeal their values to the Board of Equalization.

New Construction is picked up every year until the project is completed. New Construction notices are sent out in August and there is a 30 day deadline for appeals.

We did not change our Physical Inspection Areas with the new law. 

Here is a map of the physical inspection schedule for the next several years:

2022 -REVAL 3
2023 -REVAL 4
2024 -REVAL 1
2025 -REVAL 2