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sex offender information

Sex Offender education in PDF format

About the Department of Corrections

Helpful Definitions

Community Information Packet

Internet Information

Understanding Sex Offenders

Who are the Offenders

Acquaintance Rape - Can I Reduce My Risk

Be Alert to Common Tricks


Book List for Parents

What Children Should Know

Behavioral Indicators of Men/ Women who have Molested Children

Child-Adult Boundary and Personal Safety Standards

Talking to Your Children about Offenders

Discipline vs Abuse

Physical Punishment

Identifying Child Abuse

Signs of Abuse and Neglect

Impact of Physical Abuse on Children

Facts About Child Sexual Abuse

How to Teach Personal Safety to Your Child

Identifying Grooming Behaviors

Personal Safety Tips for Adolescents and Adults

Signs that Your Child Might be at Risk Online

Tips for Caregivers