Business hours:
24 hour access

Visiting Hours:
Saturday & Sunday 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

165 N Jefferson, Republic; building next to the Courthouse

PO Box 1099
Republic, WA  99166

(509) 775-2906

(509) 775-2127

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Shawn Davis, Superintendent

David Hodge, Corrections Sergeant

David Ruiz, Corrections Sergeant



Margaret "Maggie" Strasser, Corrections/Controller

Luis Trimm, Corrections Officer

Justin Zerck, Corrections Officer

David Drennan, Corrections Officer

Christopher Fleck, Corrections Officer



Friends & Family - A Guide to Recieve Calls

To set up an account to receive calls from a jail or correctional facility call the Customer Service Center at 866-476-6723 or go online to

Contact the Customer Service Center Monday-Friday from 7AM to 9PM and Saturday or Sunday 8AM to 6PM for help and assistance.

Instructions for Accepting a Call:

  1. When you receive a call from a correctional facility, you will hear a computerized voice, once the voice finishes speaking follow the instructions to accept or reject the call.
  2. If you choose to accept the call, begin speaking after selecting this option.
  3. If you do not wish to receive a call from a correctional facility, select this option when prompted or call 800-562-7062.

To Avoid Being Disconnected Don't: